Image City Photography Gallery

Partners’ Pick

Susan’s series of photographs from her familiar woods tell stories of both the life of the forest, the remains of parts of that forest that used to be.  They are all parts of the familiarity that Susan shares with us so beautifully. From a chipmunk, to the path up the hill, to a stump, to the rusting remains of an old car….   

This Log Fragment could well be a masterwork of sculpture, shaped through years of growth and struggle.  Now, years after its noble living presence, that struggle is revealed. The twists and curves and swirls can tell only a part of its complex story, and we can only wonder at the beauty of its journey.  The photograph reveals shapes and forms that can take on human attributes, and at the same time, it presents the intricate lines that mark the yearly growth of the tree that was.

A beautiful tribute.

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