I have been studying photography at Tompkins Cortland Community College since 2005.  I am especially interested in taking photographs of plants and of hands.

I want my camera to be an x-ray machine—capable of looking through the walls of a pod to the seeds inside. Or, if that can’t happen, I think about what I could do with back light. Can I show the outline of the plant with a light from behind and not lose what is in front? Or perhaps celebrate the color?  I am seeking the details people see every day but so often fail to notice.

Human hands have been represented in art for thousands of years.  When I take hand photographs, I am experimenting with my smallest camera—looking for new backgrounds, best light, and hand positions that blend. Sometimes, almost by accident, the results take on new meaning.

Both plants and hands continue to fascinate me as I search for the next photograph to add to my collection.