The Foreign Beauty of Nature at Mockingbird Paperie

Amber Donofrio

Ithaca Times,
May 24, 2017

I recently came across a book of work by the German photographer Stefan Hunstein, which included awe-evoking portraits of Arctic landscape. At the end of the book was a manifesto the artist wrote, perhaps functioning as his artist statement, that seemed almost at odds with the work, or more specifically with its medium. Continue reading

Portraits and Poetry

Arthur Whitman

Ithaca Times,
October 5, 2016

[Susan C.] Larkin uses a digital image processing technique called focus stacking, which involves compositing multiple images of varying focus into a single image. The result is that her photos have an overall clarity perfectly suited to her intricate, alien micro-worlds. Beautifully illuminated against black backgrounds, even familiar plants become unnervingly strange. Continue reading